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In the first of a three-part series, actor and playwright John Leguizamo brings his signature uninhibited humor to the comic book page. Drawing from his one-man Broadway show and the Spike Lee film of the same name, Freak tells the story of Leguizamo's early life, from inception (yes, the first panel is a smiley curly-haired sperm) and immigration to stardom. Its shocking cast of characters, tinted by his memory and a retro color palette, includes his tyrannical father, suicidal grandfather, and exorcist grandmother. It impeccably illustrates the joys, pains, and most awkward moments of his youth, with artwork evoking the grit and glamour of Queens, New York, in the 1970s. Through 23 pages, it will have you laughing, cringing, (& if don't already speak Spanish) ... stopping to look up Spanish slang on Google! You'll definitely be itching for the next issue!

About the Artists

John teamed up with Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez (La Borinqueña) who put together a roster of talent from the comic book industry to produce this one of a kind project for you to enjoy

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez  (Producer, Editor & Art Director) is the writer and creator of the critically acclaimed and best-selling graphic novel La Borinqueña which he self-published under his own studio, Somos Arte. Edgardo's debut as a writer for Marvel has been received with critical acclaim similar to his initial work with Marvel as curator of two exhibitions Santerians: The Art of Joe Quesada and Marvelous Color. Via Somos Arte, he has a client roster that includes MarvelAtlantic Records and Columbia University. He is also co-founder of the graphic novel publishing company Darryl Makes Comics with his business partner, Darryl DMC McDaniels and is debuting his comic book collaboration Freak with John Leguizamo at this year's New York Comic Con and on Broadway.

Chris Batista (Penciler) was born in the upper east side of Manhattan New York. His mother sent him to the Art Students League where he found charcoals, watercolors, oil paints and figure drawing. Later he applied and was accepted into the Fiorella Laguardia High School of the Arts ("Fame" school). After graduation he attended theSchool of Visual Arts, where he met the legendary Klaus Janson, who later introduced him to an editor at Marvel, where he worked on X Factor and from there, went on to work with D.C. Comics.

Chris Sotomayor (Colorist) was born and raised in the Bronx (NY), the North American and is a solitary creature, who only emerges to color all the comics!  Working in constant isolation for the last 2 decades, only his wife, Arleen, and kids, Alyssa, Kalyn, and Jaxon, have ever gotten photographic proof of his existence. He also teaches an art class for Comics Experience, but it’s online, so he never has to go outside.