CHANGING THE GAME: How John Leguizamo Continues to Take Risks and Reinvent Himself

"Changing the Game" a series featuring prominent Latino changemakers and their stories of success, innovation, and vision.

John Leguizamo says he is "not comfortable being comfortable."

When the multifaceted Latino star takes the stage, many people think of him as a self-deprecating, unrestrained, bilingual and brutally honest comedic rebel who has mastered the art of the one-man show. In the process, however, he has diversified his own art and has shattered stereotypes in the process. In the end, he has essentially created his own genre and carved his own niche.

"I definitely try to create my own path and I have always taken huge risks and I think that's the difference," Leguizamo told Latin Post in an exclusive interview. "I am not afraid of taking risks. I really enjoy them and I think it's really paid off in my life." 

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