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You can now listen to Sexaholix ... A Love Story and Freak on Soundcloud.

Freak opened on Broadway on February 12, 1998 and originally aired on HBO on October 10, 1998. This is his autobiographical story, about his life growing up, and his journey to try to be accepted by his father. We see this story through a bizarre myriad of characters and situations, which include the eccentric Uncle Sandy, the Fat Boy Called Bitch (John's little brother, Poochie), his mom, his evil grandmothers, and Lee Strasberg, not to mention a brief appearance by Cantinflas as God.

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Sexaholix ... A Love Story opened on Broadway on November 4, 2001 and originally aired on HBO on April 13, 2002. Sexaholix ... A Love Story is an affectionate tale of the comic's path to maturation and the women who helped get him there. Leguizamo digs into his past love life to mine a rich vein of material. Nothing is held back in this hilarious comedy.

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